Mail-in Repairs

If you don’t live in the immediate area, you might be too busy to visit our quaint little high-tech shop where we repair, repair, repair. If so, don’t worry. We gladly accept all mail-in cell phone and electronic repairs, and what’s more, you’ll be sure to get your beloved gadget returned to you in a timely manner.

Upon receiving your cherished electronic gizmo, one of our dedicated technicians will look into the issues it may be having, contacting you immediately with an estimate of cost and time required to get it back into your anxious hands. We ask that you please send the phone only, no SIM cards, no batteries, no chargers.

Interested in trying out our MAIL-IN service for your ailing cell phone or maimed gadget? Please click below for our mail-in form and detailed instructions. Did you know that CPR® offers a 90 day warranty with all of its repairs, with the exception of liquid damage?

Gadget Repair Specialist

We specialize in repairs to smart phones, iPods, gaming systems, computers, GPS units, and much more.

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CPR® is Green

Cell Phone Repair is committed to recycling used cell phones and other electronics.

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Franchise Opportunity

Join the most widely known and respected brand name in the Cell Phone Repair industry.

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